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A former knight, a young girl murdered in strange circumstances, a village where not everything is what it seems...

Welcome to The Whispering Cliff, a conversational adventure inspired by mistery literature and cinema classics where you play as Wilhelm, a man of faith summoned to solve a horrifying case in the outermost place. Dive into the eerie atmosphere of the village and its inhabitants, and uncover the truth behind the apparent normality.

Think you have seen everything? Try again.


  • The game uses the four directional keys to move; hold the Shift key while moving to run faster.
  • Spacebar/Enter keys are used to interact.
  • Use the Escape key to open the ingame menu or cancel certain actions.
  • Alt+Enter switches between windowed and fullscreen modes.
  • F1 key opens an options dialog.

How to play

The goal is to solve the crime. To do that, you must gather information taking testimony and analyzing evidences. Walk towards the person or item you want to interact with, and use the action button.

When talking to people, sometimes you'll be presented with different options.
There are two kind of options: mandatory and optional.

  • Mandatory options can't be skipped, and only one of them can be picked during a single game run. In other words: they are mutually exclusive.
  • Optional choices, on the other hand, can be skipped, either pressing the Escape key or picking "..." when presented with one. If you don't want to ask about it, or prefer to ask later, you can do it.

Note most things are limited to a certain time frame. Chances are they won't be there tomorrow.

If you want to save your progress, just open the ingame menu hitting the Escape key (when not involved in a talk with other character), and select "Save game." You can restore your progress at that point from the option "Continue" at the title screen.

Tips for a fast playthrough

Warning: THERE BE (MILD) SPOILERS! Select the text below to read it.

The game is quite rich in options and additional information. It also features three different endings, inviting players to investigate everything and trying different dialog options. However, certain parts can be tedious during second runs. Here are some tips to do blazingly fast runs:

  • Wilhelm is quite good estimating times and durations.
  • If you have very little time, you can skip certain parts when Wilhelm says he has enough information, so go get some rest ASAP.
  • Run. Really, don't lift your finger from the Shift key while playing.


Programming and Graphics:

Jesús Alonso Abad

Story and Screenplay:

Javier López Cerezo.

Special Thanks to:

  • Alejandro Cuñado Hernando
  • Andrea García Nincehelser
  • Belén Prada Álvarez-Buylla
  • Beatriz Rubio Prada
  • Rodrigo Saavedra Pardo
  • Marcos Tejado Chocano

3rd Party Resources used:

Sound effects


Dedicated to:

  • The videogames and cinema fans.
  • And specially to our friends and families, for supporting us during the development of this game.


This game was our humble entry for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest held by Degica and Humble Bundle.

Release date Jun 29, 2014
AuthorEagle Owl Games
Tagsconversational, Mystery
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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